PSA on Social media

Well this is an interesting few minutes video. Go ahead and watch it and I’ll do a quick review.

If it was done n a upbeat style that wasn’t harmful, what is the problem? You can’t hurt a company by saying good things.

I have always been on the fence with this subject. I don’t think people should lose their jobs for voicing their opinions, good or bad. I also don’t think you should lose your job for stupid behavior in public that finds its way to social media.

On the flip side, I can see the companies point of view on some things. If they are paying you to represent them and your actions could reflect poorly on them, sorry, they don’t need t pay you to cost them business and money. The internet is forever, you have to pick and choose your battles.

True to his word, Big TtuckerB would not tell me who it was or the company. I can respect that. If I do find I’ll we will get to judge for ourselves.


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