How did I miss all these glorious wtf content?

Big TruckerB called me earlier and was all like “what’s up” and I was like “watching Spaceballs” and he was like “cool” and I was like “yeah”. Ok, so that wasn’t the real conversation.

He mentioned trying to add videos to blog about, not just whatever I find online. And I have to admit, this opened a whole new door.

Meet Constantine Ctoss. He may just be out of his friggin mind. He has 5 subscribers and, well,I think wants to start a GoFundMe to start a church? Actually, he did start one.

Um, wtf? Maybe that was just and isolated video, he can’t be that wacked, right?

Nope this dude is totally wacked. There is a whole bunch of these.

He even has a website. How is that possible? Well, click here to check it out.

If you say ” wtf” you are right. This is so out there I have no idea what to say.

I got one last question. Remeber David Koresh?


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