Something has to get me money

Meet Al’leana, who is failing at her attempts to get free money.

Duck face bathroom selfie with what appears to be her ass springing a leak. That is the look of someone who has fallen on hard times.

Back in April she ran a failed GoFundMe for a product that doesn’t seem to exist.

For what I could find no such device exists that would tell you before a seizure happens. Which is why she only got $40.

Fast foward a to June and the bad luck has struck again!

With the first being a Monday, and me seriously doubting she has a salary job that pays semi monthly, I’m going with welfare. Find the job thing hard to believe.

But lets talk about that car.

The brake hose blew out? I would give her credit if she said “the brake line popped” that would be a saying that would come from someone with knowledge, any knowledge, of cars. Dont worry, she got a note from the repair shop.

Wow, that came from a garage, a certified reapair facility. I would never let these guys touch my car. The handwritten form says it all.

So I googled this “garage”. All I found was this website, and well, have a look for yourself by clicking here.

Umm, yeah. So do they fix cars, ship things, or what? I’m not convinced I want to hire them to do either one.

Well its summer, and she needs money for the beach.

Where are the sharks when you need them? They are taking a hard pass on that.

I got one last question. Is anyone going to have nightmares from that bikini photo?

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