Carwash killed muh car

This is going to be a long one, go get some aspirin. I’ll do it in segments to prevent anyone from dying.

Right now any nobody who is the slightest inclined about cars is shaking their head. I want to start by pointing out the obvious. If your phone is disconnected you wouldn’t be making this post from it.

She lends her car to somebody, who returned the favor by destroying the engine at the car wash? No expert on how the car wash works, but I’m sure the hose isn’t so powerful it damages engines.

The car starts smoking, so she shuts it off and goes to sleep. A friend shows up, just add oil and on her way.

Then, oh no, same problem. Then she goes to sleep. Off again and runs out of gas. Nap time. Why is she on a road trip with no gas money?

Sooo, you just replaced the head gasket right there on the side of the road? How come you aren’t a mechanic? How did you get gas in the car when you ran out and have no money?

Back track a second. She is homeless and unemployed living in the car. Yet this all started when she lent the car to her nice friend who filled it up with water. Seems odd if you live in the car and have no job you would lend the car out.

Is this car Christine? Now it is trying to kill her! Why would you sit in the non running car in the heat? Have you not learned anything fromm the 5 million dog or kid in a hot car videos?

At the end of it all, either she has a junk engine or just a so unbelievable story about every possible engine failure that the dumb people will feel sorry. My only question, do you really think an $8 bottle of gunk will fix everything thing?

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