Dude, Where’s muh car?

That is horrible that someone would steal a broken down car from a church. I’ll solve the crime for you. Let start from the beginning.

I love how there is a picture of it broken down. So some mystery guy shows up and tows it away while it was broken down. Seems like a lot of effort for a car that doesn’t run. If they put it on a two dolly like she said, then they would have to gain access to the car , get it in neutral and up on the dolly with either multiple people or a winch. Not something that happens quickly. No less at a church of all places.

Next, tell everyone the car is stolen. But DO NOT tell anybody what kind of car it is, a plate number, anything helpful. Just going off a side picture of a white car, nobody will find it. I still haven’t figure out how she used the car to provide for her kids when she doesn’t work.

So she only wants 2k to replace it. And they insurance won’t help. Even if she had full coverage, they would wait until 30 days before they pay the claim to see if the car is recovered. meanwhile, find other ways to get money.

So here is my theory. The engine or tranny blew and it isn’t worth fixing . So she junked the car and now claims it was stolen trying to raise money to buy a replacement.

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