And why aren’t you dead?

That is averaging out to be 1 every 6 days. How the hell is that possible? I’m not a doctor, but you should be dead.

Then on top of it all, your mom is packing up and leaving for Florida. Family can be cruel. Time to fire up the GoFundMe.

Stop. You had 5 stokes and it didn’t stop you from taking selfies? Amazing.

So touching. When everyone is done crying I will continue.

Now we know she needs are own apartment. How did we get there?

Your daughter made you move in with your mom for 24 hour care. Mom don’t care enough to stick around though. You know where else has 24 hour care for people that have strokes every 6 days? The hospital.

And about that daughter?

How old is this kid? Plus, I got a funny feeling you want the money to run off to Florida. I hear the dog filter is popular there.

That is the face of bravery !

I have a friend that had a stroke last year and it took him awhile before he was back to normal activities. So I have one last question.

How is that house cleaning business going?

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