I’m going to hell, and you’re all coming with me

So early this morning I published “We need a picnic”. Everyone had a good laugh and we moved on with our day. I was out all day (surgery two, no problems that a Happy meal on the way home couldn’t fix ) logged in to Facebook only to see a bunch of comments on that post.

Meet Peter Feriozzi.

When he isn’t confused while trying to take a hotel bathroom selfie, he post bible scripture everywhere. And I guess I’m the next person he needs to save. This is all out of the comments.

So who is asking for forgiveness, us, or the people we joke about? I get it, I’ll never be a guest on the 700 Club. BTW, how is that still on tv?

I guess somebody is still watching.

God loves us more, we know.

Some things are better than money. This is a comedy site, the whole point is to make people laugh and happy. Just for the record, that Happy Meal today was the gross profits from the website for the week, so it ain’t about the money.

Didn’t we already cover this? Should we end each post with a prayer?

The good news was he ran out of screenshots, the bad news he then typed everything.

Well thanks for following us Peter. If you could ask Jesus and God to follow the page it would sure be appreciated.

I have one last question. Are you trying to make us all Catholic , Christian , Mormon, Jehovah witness, Church of Fonz or scientology? (Ya, I don’t know my bibles, but we can narrow it down to the first two)

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