We need a picnic

This all sounds like stuff you would bring to a picnic. Have fun kids. Meanwhile, a play by play on this makes it kind of hard to believe.

right of the bat, when you ask people ” save your rude discouraging comments to your self” it just means ” this bullshit and you are going to figure it out fast”.

It always sucks when you fall on hard times and can’t feed the kids, especially only days after going to some sort of sporting event.

Lets looking at her work from home plan.

MLM, awesome, Facebook needs more of that.

So I get a gift card for letting some company completely know what my phone is doing, Totally worth a free pizza if I do say so myself.

LOL, I’m sorry, and I know the dog people may get mad it me, but who buys a special order cake for their dog? I guess nobody since she hasn’t sold any.

Lets not over look a key thing. She would rather “qork” which in “rerum” would put food on her table. Well, she does live in Las Vegas, this sounds like something that cost an extra $100 at the strip club.

My favorite part of the whole thing was Chrissy.

She posted the information of a food back in the comments. Because Nicole for some reason didn’t think about this herself. And then..

Yup, she even screenshoted how to dial it. Classic.

Well, I hope Nicole and her kids have a nice picnic, and like always I have one last question.

Did you ask Chrissy how she keeps magically finding this info?

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