Throwback Thursday: Debbie Gibson was hot!

Debbie Gibson, the Bubblegum Pop Princess of the 80″s . Brittany Spears got nothing on you!

When she came out with “Only In my Dreams” in 1987 I was totally in love. Sure I was 10 and she was 16, but it could have worked.

We could have gone to your prom and I wouldn’t have understood why all the guys in your school were high fiving me. Years later when we would go to my prom, high fives all around and I would know why.

Tiffany tried to steal your spotlight, but nah bitch, go back to the mall.

When you did Playboy, it wasn’t hard to admit I never read one article.

Once you got be in in Hallmark movies, I knew it was over. Only big name celebrities get to play the lonely woman looking for love on that channel. Thats when I knew, it was really only in my dreams.

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