Update, plugs and stuff

I haven’t said much since she came home, but she is doing great. Little to no complaints about pain and she is right back where she left off, except there is not a candle to be found in our house anymore.

In away it is great the she has picked up right where she left off. The down side, it is alot of work for her mom and I trying to keep her in check with the limitations she has from her injuries.


There is a Facebook page out there called WTF is for Sale. It is just strange ads out of Arizona with a quick one liner attached. The guy who runs it said he throws stuff up the for laughs once in a while. I had no idea he was out there, and he had no idea about us. But head over and like the page, you never know what might come up.


I got text message from Big TruckerB yesterday asking if we had a YouTube channel. Believe it or not, we do. Why haven’t you heard about this? Because the channel sucks and I stuck to just writing. Except the Southbridge dancing chicken guy, that literally is the best video on there right now.

I guess driving a truck across the country and running his own YouTube Channel just wasn’t enough. In the next few days videos will be launching on the Channel that are based off the posts on this site. I have to go in and give it a header and stuff, but please click here to subscribe. It will be good, or you can murder me with words on a screen.

Here is a short video that kind of explains whats going to be going on, it a round about way.

And like always, I will be still posting Big TruckerB regular stuff from his YouTube channel found here

There is Instagram and Twitter accounts out there, but one thing at a time.

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