What happened to the pool toys?

A Florida man arrested in the theft of stolen pool floats told cops he used the inflatables for sex instead of raping women, court papers show.

One paragraph in and this already isn’t good. How the hell does that even work? Does he pretend he is with a rubber woman, just going to town poking holes everywhere?

Christopher Monnin, 35, was charged Thursday with breaking into the backyards of homes with pools in Palm Bay and stealing only flotation devices, according to the arrest affidavit.

He is only 35, how hard could it be for him to find a real woman who wouldn’t mind him doing the nasty with him?

Oh, so pool toys it is.

Defendant stated that he sexually gratifies himself with the pool floats instead of raping women,” the affidavit said.

In a strange way I kind of applaud this guy. Don’t get me wrong, He needs help, serious help. But the fact that he somehow controlled himself is a good thing. If molesting a plastic duck keeps you from really harming someone else, then have it. Its not like he was doing all the time.

Monnin was on a bike when cops stopped him at 1:25 a.m. Thursday as a suspicious person. They found him in possession of a garbage bag full of deflated pool floats, the affidavit said.

Palm Bay has been plagued with the theft of pool floats in more than a dozen reported burglaries in the past seven months, according to the affidavit. In some cases the thief cut a screen door to gain access to the pool area.

The affidavit stated that police found approximately 75 pool floats in a vacant house where Monnin admitted to stashing them.

WTF? How much pool toy sex was this guy having? Did the smell of chlorine turn him on? Can you return this stuff to Namco if you saved the receipt ?

They never release the evidence photos, which is ok. I don’t think you want to see a pool toy that had hot sex with him. But I did some looking and found out what they were.

I wonder if he is a tits or

ass man?

Maybe he wanted some oral?

maybe he like one on one, or a threesome with two females.

Or and guy and girl? Either way, next time you are near a pool you going to think about this. Your welcome.

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