Pay muh mans child support

Unbelievable, I can save money with Progressive! Meanwhile, talk about not saving any cash. Camelita only needs 8k to get her man out of jail and take care of the crotch fruits he has all over New York. Meet Carmelita and the deadbeat dad of the year, Bryant Burns.

I wouldn’t smile either if I was telling the world I was useless and you should pay for it. After viewing her Facebook page I learned several things.

One is that she loves taking selfies.

Pretty cool when you are so disabled you can work even a desk job.

Next is that she has no shame.

Or the ability to tell the truth. And last.

Why is that not a surprise?

Well it turns out, the judge free zone give me your money quickly because judge, jury and executioner.

And that is why he can’t work. Because the damn government tries to dock his child support. Do you really expect this man to work all day and then have to give all his money to take care of the kids? Nah, if it is under the table they can’t take it.

At no time did she mention he gets disability, but

So many things wrong with that. If he was on disability, the kids would get money as dependents as part of that. Which means the court would have modified his payment amount based on that and he wouldn’t be in jail because we the tax payers would be handling all this for him. But we all know he isn’t and this is bullshit.

So Bryant, you should have taken care of your kids. Its nobody’s responsibility but yours. But I have one question. Did the arrest warrant say Happy Fathers say on it?

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