And this is why

Lately the whole GoFundMe thing has been a sensitive subject for me as you all know. It is tough when you are in a real situation, but too many people use it for simply the purpose of getting free cash .

We have seen how Turtleboy exposes people using real situations only to benefit themselves. Then there is this loser.

You think you are confused now buddy, wait until I get done with you. As this ass clown started a $10,000 GoFundMe for, well, actually, I have no friggin idea.

You spelled BUSINESS wrong !!! Ok, I’ve been known to make a typo or two, but I’m not trying to convenience people to give me $10K for no reason either. But lets hear him out and see what the never had shit company does.

There is zero chance Jesus is in business with you. I still have no idea what he plans on doing. Seriously. This has to be the worse attempt to get money ever. You would get more if you just wrote ” I’m way to lazy to earn money”.

When other GoFundMe people are calling you stupid, you should probably delete and retreat.

Amen to what? None of this makes sense. Is Michael the business partner? And can anyone tell me what that means?

I went to his page to see if he got any smarter, but umm.

Is that possible? You don’t need a girl for that, you do fine by yourself. Any female that hangs around you on purpose would be an improvement.

But it turns out he is aspiring rapper. hear are his lyrics.

Just to respond, please don’t wait for anyone to push you, feel free to go off that edge on your own. We figured out pretty fast you are a loser, but thanks for letting us know. I’m hoping for sooner than later on the dead part. It is totally cool if you fall, because , ya, you are a loser.

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