Go to Dunn’s park or something

Ok, we get it . There isn’t much to do in Gardner. But when you get to the point where you start trolling the Gardner yardsale page, you need to get a life. Right Eric Dewey?

There is seriously no entertainment value in this.

Sorry Eric, me writing about how stupid you look is more funny than your posts ever will be.

Just to make sure that your attempt at humor is completely destroyed, here is the complete play list from that CD

Now you all can go download those songs if you would like.

It appears that he started awhile ago as a joke and got a few laughs. Pro tip, you can’t keep telling the same joke to the same people over and over again. It gets annoying.

My understanding is he posted a few pennies and claimed them to be cool ones. Next time use tokens from Chucky E Cheese.

Just to be fair, I’ll offer half a cent for each penny.

We know Jessica. This was an attempt to make him stop not shop for stationary deals.

I suggest you go take a long walk around Dunn’s Pond Eric if you are that bored. And work on some new material while you are out there.

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