Don’t you dare delete it!

The one thing we enjoy is that we are allowed to is the right to voice our opinions, even if others don’t always agree.

We see it everday. Turtleboy has literally for many of us become the face of this battle. You have the right to say what is on your mind. You should not be censored for it, you shouldn’t feel you need to delete your thoughts. And you shouldn’t give in to pressure and change your mind.

In turn, Turtleboy gave me the courage to start this site. Under the TB Rider page I had more ability to speak my mind without fear. I enjoy finding this stupid stuff online and saying what I think about it. It amazes me even more how many people think the same way I do.

By now you are wondering, wtf are you babbling about? Big TruckerB posted a short video anout his thoughts on self driving trucks. Toward the end he said it may come down if to many people dislike his thoughts. But that isnt going to happen, because we won’t let people say you can’t have a opinion.

So here is the video. I encourage you to watch it and like it. We don’t tell you what your opinion should be.

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