Save the children, one Facebook post at a time

Brave , brave women ! If only this was remotely believable. Where should we start?

So your mom is at the Ware Walmart when she sees someone parked in a truck using a cell phone. Naturally that must mean he is a pedophile taking sick pictures of a fully clothed child in a open to the public parking lot. Not quite sure how she knew that is what was happening, but you wrote it on Facebook so it must be true.

Next comes the big confrontation. She bravely storm over to him, make accusations, then in the course of denying he is doing anything he continues to take pictures? So frustrating when you catch a criminal in the act and they just keep committing the crime. Except, no crime here!

Of course he doesn’t flee because the temptation of children at the Walmart in Ware is to great. So he just sits there while she takes the evidence photo for the police.

Did you see all that crime he was doing?

Next the phone call to the usuless cops, because they never can help. Turns out since he has no “pryers” they can’t do nothing. And all they could tell her was he is from Springfield. Which makes sense, no children go to the Walmarts in the Springfield area, you have to go Ware for that.

Last, the dramatic ending about how if the cops wont do anything then mamma bear will attack any guy sitting in his car using a cell phone near her children. This reads just like every other ” I’m a hero” post. Better watch out for Caryn in the parking lot sickos.

And we know where the comments are going.

Please, tell us again about what was sick or illegal ?

Her comes our brave dads! Actually, you know what Dave and Rob, just shut the fuck up. What are you going to do, beat up everyone at Walmart with a phone?

FBI? Now that is funny. One step up from ths person who asked if the state police were notified. Please Paul, put it in writing falsely accusing someone of a crime. Please !!

Yeah, detectives. I’m sure Walmart will turn it camera footage to anyone who asks.

Next, watch what happens when somebody questions the event.

Oh no you didn’t! Trying to say this could be made up. Its on Facebook, must be true.

Yeah Fran, call your husband to come down and commit assault and battery. But tell him not to rush, because there will be a line to beat this guy up. So many brave heros!

The we get to Sephora. Who said anything about a camera? Nobody. But since you made that fact up, lets go with it.

What camera?? Yeah yeah, we get it. You would beat him up, blah blah. And no Kim, you never called the cops on that same guy for taking pictures of you out running, so stop acting like you too were his “victim”.

There were so many more ” you are brave, lets take him down!” comments, but lets end with the best ones.

Yes Lori, because in Massachusetts you can legally shoot someone for taking pictures of children in public. The courts completely agree that fully clothed children in a public area are in danger from someone sitting in a car playing with a cell phone and that using deadly force would be the only way to save their lives.

James, even though we aren’t proud of it, Ware is in Massachusetts. The truck has Massachusetts on the plates. Please go open a road map and learn about the 351 cities and towns of our state before you imply that pervs are crossing state lines to get off on children in a Walmart parking lot.

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