Declining humanity

The internet is a mystical magical place. The things I have stumbled on are weird , sometimes warped , and yet oddly interesting. Others weird as fuck!

Hey at least she’s honest. It’s a pretty methed up ad though.

is this a new fad down south? Once again seems like in your face honesty to me. I hope DCF was involved before she aged out.

This I just have no words for. Who am I kidding of course I do. What in the actual fuck do you do with that ? Doesn’t look comfy, doesn’t look sexy, it looks like I tied my roast up shitty and put it on the rotisserie.

This confuses me too. These people have smoke sessions. So a bunch of dipshits with no friends in real life , sit on a phone with pretend friends and smoke pot. Sounds soooooo fun. Get some fresh air and go outside , it’s better. You can talk to the cars going by or the neighbors windows it’s essentially the same thing.

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