Unofficial MBTA announcement

It seems everytime something happens with the T all of a sudden they are the worse transit system in the world. You would think by now they would have learned that they should blame all their problems on Trump and the Republicans. Then it would be case closed.

After two accidents in four days, it has quickly become an ” off with their head” situation. They just take it on the chin, apologize and say they are working on getting better.

As a tax payer who funds this system yet never uses it because they don’t provide service in ny area, I wasn’t happy with their response. I called and offered to help them out. I not sure if the call got dropped or they were so excited they they passed out and broke the phone, but I took the silence as a yes. So here is stuff the T should say but doesn’t.

We aren’t sure yet what caused Tuesday’s derailment on the red line. But, you know how it says “Do not lean against door”, it isn’t there because we care about your safety. It is there because the damn train can tip over it you weighed to much. Just saying that could have caused it.

Also, the T has one accident on Tuesday and it is headline news. Do you know how many car accidents happened that morning? Neither do I, but I bet it was more than one. Maybe you could talk about that instead.

Saturday a Green Line train derailed near the Fenway station. In this case it looks like the driver went while the track was still switching. Oops, his bad. Have you ever rolled pass a stop line? Done it in the dark? And hit a pothole while doing it? Yeah I thought so. Just when he tried it the train fell off the track.

Also, when you got a train full of people whinning about how they need to be at Fenway or the gay pride parade, you just want them off your train, one way or another.

In April we had a “fender bender” at South Station. It is like a parking lot there. Have you ever had a fender bender in a parking lot? That is what we thought, so back off!

In case you weren’t aware, the T still cost less to ride the the NYC MTA trains, and we don’t use ” train traffic ahead” as an excuse for the train not moving. Because trains don’t have traffic jams, it an excuse they made up that sounds good.

In conclusion, the MBTA is your only choice for cheap public transportation in the Great Boston area. If you aren’t happy with the service, please feel free to start your own mass transit system. We welcome the competition. And thank you for riding the T !

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