You don’t want to know about the secret sauce.

WINDSOR, Conn. – A restaurant in Connecticut was forced to close last month after authorities reportedly discovered fluids from a dead body upstairs dripping through the ceiling.

Authorities on May 29 were called to an apartment located above the Siam Corner Thai Kitchen & Pho restaurant to perform a welfare check on the man who lived there, according to a police report obtained by WFSB. A neighbor along with the owner of a nearby barbershop had told authorities that the man hadn’t been seen in several days.

When police arrived, an employee from the restaurant pointed out a foul odor and a “reddish brown liquid substance” dripping from the ceiling behind the counter, according to the report.

A foul odor at a Thai restaurant, I’m surprised anyone noticed. Obviuosly, when the walls start bleeding there may be a problem. Any guesses on if somebody rubbed there finger through it and licked it to see what it was?

Also, do you like our new secret flavoring ? They won’t tell you what it is, it is a secret and only available for a limited time !

Authorities then went upstairs to perform the welfare check. After knocking on the door of the apartment and receiving no response, they entered through an unlocked window and discovered a man deceased in his bed, the report said.

A paramedic at the scene determined that the man likely died of natural causes. Authorities believe the body had been there for several days and started to decompose.

So he was on a bed and the fluids dripped through the bed, floor and ceiling and wall? Talk about poor construction.

Through the investigation, it was discovered that Siam Corner’s ceiling was not up to fire code, reports WFSB. The restaurant remained closed for renovations.

I can’t wait for the ” NOW DEAD GUY FREE GRAND REOPENING !!” . I would suggest not trying anything on the menu with the word ” special ” in it.

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