Safest Ride in Springfield

Yup, Hood Uber is still happening. Meet the newest driver Rey Diaz.

I already got a good feeling about him. By the way Rey, do you have to pee? Or did you just blow your load in your pants? Don’t ruin those pants though, since you have several more selfies with you in them, I would assume they are your favorite pants.

Rey is offing rides in his 1996 Honda Accord at a fair prices all weekend.

All your friends will be jealous when they see you being driven around in that car. Is it safe or legally registered? Does Rey even have a valid drivers license? You know Hood Ubers motto ” It isn’t legal but show me the money !!”

I really hope he fell flat on his ass walking around like that.

Rather than just talking about Rey, lets go to his Hood Uber frequently asked questions section.

Can I get high while riding in your Uber?

Yes, and Rey would appreciate if you share it. If the cops ask, it is all yours.

Is your Uber safe for women?

Women should always feel safe and comfortable travel alone or in groups with Rey.

Is there a way to track Reys Hood Uber with GPS?

Not available to the public, but GPS tracking is court ordered.

Is Rey associated with Uber or Lyft?

No, due to some misunderstandings between Rey and Uber, Lyft , law enforcement and the courts, Rey is not. However, he is associated with the Flat Brimmed Hood Uber of Springfield Association.

What if I have to use the restroom while in Reys Hood Uber?

Rey struggles with this too. Grab yourself, hold it in and take a selfie. If you need to stop, you have two choices. Pay an extra fee or

Rey will post a picture of you on the toilet on his Facebook page. Who does that, seriously, wtf?

What areas does Rey cover?

Due to high demand, Rey stays local to serve as many customers as possible. It has nothing to do with his car being unreliable or law enforcement issues.

If you are looking for a ride in the Springfield area for your weekend events, DM Rey. If he is awake and sober enough he will hit you back .

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