This guy so wins the fruit fight !


St. Louis County, Missouri – A tractor-trailer hauling watermelons overturned along I-270 on Wednesday spilling out its load and causing quite a mess for motorists.

Authorities said the big rig which was traveling northbound at approximately 5:45 p.m. when it jackknifed and then struck a concrete barrier before overturning onto the driver’s side.

The wreckage blocked numerous lanes in both directions, according to officials.

Officials said they closed 3 northbound lanes as well as numerous southbound lanes while they worked to clean up the accident which brought traffic to a crawl during the rush hour commute.

The truck driver is reportedly not seriously injured.

Investigators have net yet revealed what led to the big rig overturning.

Now that is a sticky situation ! Bad joke, I know. But really, think about the people that had to clean this mess up.

Sure at least it smelled good for awhile, but that will only last for so long. It is a long messy process and will cost a fortune. Why should it all be a loss?

Welcome to the Grand Opening of the I-270 Watermelon Stand !!!!

Our loss is your gain !!!! SAVE SAVE SAVE !!!!! Intact melons, save 30%, Dented melons 50% and smashed open ones are now 80% off !!!!!!!

Hurry down and get your deals before the Board of Health shuts us down !!!!!!

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