Starbucks is mean, send me on a trip to Poundtown!

Because that is how it works. Just ask strangers to pay for a $200 a night hotel room for you. You earned it!

I’ll be the first person to admit that I haven’t set foot inside a Statbucks in 15 years and if I never do again I am good with that. I’m pretty sure the attitude goes both ways. Customers aren’t mean, they just want their overpriced coffee made the way they asked and paid for without you giving an attitude because you actually have to work and are not entitled to a big tip from everyone. Big shocker, she is the ” sad girl”.

Meanwhile, tell us about your “rough” home lives? Since you are both adults I truly want to listen to you cry about how mean your parents are.

Well folks, here is your chance to give these two crazy in love kids a romantic night away. They so need it.

But here is my question. Will a night in a hotel playing with his hot dog make her realize she prefers the taco?

Only time will tell.

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