Isn’t young love great? Unless you are broke because of drugs.

Well you seem like a nice stable young man. When you are only 18 and internet panhandling already, life is not off to a good start. All I can say is hopefully you don’t plan on taking anyone else down with you.

Am I the only one that see this ending with a restraining order and Mrogan looking for money to escape an abusive relationship? Didn’t think so. And don’t you dare try and communicate in any way with her, or you will have to deal with this..

I think in internet tough guy class they may have mentioned that you can’t threaten people when your selfie has you dressed as Ramen Noodles.

This attempt to get cash didn’t go so well, so David took a more subtle approach.

I’m not sure what is more confusing, how he got a year younger or that he seems to acting like he is going through withdrawals.

Great idea ladies, but that requires work and effort so, nah.

How dare you question him Kaitlyn !! She lives with her parents, and they are strict. In other words, they don’t want your useless ass in their house leaching off them.

So good luck to this train wreck in South Carolina.

Couldn’t agree more Walt!

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