I’ll take things that never happened at a Golden Corral for $500 Alex.

Meet Sueretta Emke from Erie Pennsylvania.

The tittoo should give you the first clue as to where this is going. She became the victim of the most unfriendly, greedy corporation ever to exist, Golden Corral! Wait, wtf?

Source Phiilyvoice.com

A woman was kicked out of a Golden Corral all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant in Erie, Pennsylvania, while she celebrated her son’s birthday last week because she was “dressed too provocatively,” according to her now-viral Facebook post.

About that Facebook post. It went on for like 5 minutes. I opted to give you guys the cliff notes edition rather that try and screenshot it all. If you would like to view it in all its glory, it is right here.

Sueretta Emke was at the restaurant with her husband, young son, and another family after celebrating her son’s birthday at a Chuck E. Cheese’s arcade and visiting the Erie Zoo. In a May 29 Facebook post, Emke said she was serving herself at the buffet when a manager approached her, saying that a customer had complained that the crop top she was wearing was too revealing.

Who goes to eat at Chucky Cheese and Golden Corral in one day? The only thing that is going to offend the customers at this point is what she is about to do to the bathroom.

But please, show us your clown costume, I mean way to sexy for public shirt.

I see three things offensive. The hair, the fact that she clearly got the wrong size shirt, and a bathroom selfie. Was that taken in the bathroom at the Golden Corral? I’m going with yes.

“I was approached by a manager and told I was dressed ‘too provocatively’ and another customer had complained so I needed to put something else on or leave,” she wrote.

No you weren’t. This never happened. You were at Golden Corral. Unless your ass was naked. Which may have been the problen.

Imagine the conversation. ” Excuse me Mr Manager, that womens crop top is overly provocative and offendeds me! ” “I agree good customer, I will remove these inconsiderate heathens at once!” It only high society at this estblishment.

What really sucks was that was a new shirt,” she wrote. “I’ve never owned a crop top before and I was nervous at first about wearing it but my husband loved the way it looked on me and encouraged me to wear it since I liked it so much. I really felt cute in it and now I never wanna wear that shirt again even though it was the first time I ever wore it and I felt good about my self in it.”

Please dont wear the shirt again. You didn’t look cute. And what are the odds that the very first time you ever wear a crop top it gets you kicked out of a restaurant because you were too sexy? We all know you just arent the type for skin tight shirts.

Golden Corral has not commented publicly on the incident, however Emke later said she called the buffet’s district manager, who apologized and gave her multiple gift cards. She also said in the Facebook post that she was told the employees at the Erie restaurant would be trained on how to deal with situations like this moving forward.

What were they suppose to say? It is the damage control repsonse. “We are sorry, training for everyone” About that phone call.

She just doesn’t shut up. So did I follow this correctly, she kept calling the corporate office until someone gave a her cell phone number of a “district trainer” . This guy then admitted that it happened and there was a line of people waiting to complain about what happened to her. Which would mean he admitted the company discriminated against her. I doubt that.

Next the manager claims he had no clue that there was no women managers until this happened to her. Isn’t that his job to know rhe management team? Because we all know women are no good at customer service or running restaurants. ( sarcasm, dont bite my head off)

Thankfully she decided to settle of a apology and gift cards. Despite the lack of anyone backing her up, only comments of sympathy left up, she wrote it on Facebook so it must be true. Suing would do no good, she can’t prove it happened.

“I hope there will be a day that no one is treated this way,” she wrote. “But until then I’ll just keep trying to change the world for the better of ALL people … and hey the gift cards are a nice touch.”

Lol, yes, thanks to you Golden Corral is now more crop top friendly. But you got what you really wanted, gift cards for free meals.

But wait there is more. It isn’t her first run in at a restaurant.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, pisses me off more that being at Burger King and having a child politely say hi. Can this women go anywhere to eat without being a victim ?

But, I have one last question.

Do you see the irony in that statement?

One comment

  1. Obese blue-hair grifter named after a small sewer goes all Karen on a manager when 2 of her boobs (thankfully it wasn’t all 4) are exposed at a restaurant, and makes herself a victim of the patriarchy.

    I hope all those free trips to the chocolate fountain fill the void in your life. Next time try wearing yoga pants and bend over a lot at the entree counter. You’ll have to step around the vomit, though.


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