Girl got knocked up, and needs your cash to take care of it.

I took a pass on this when it originally showed up, who knew Morgan was going to make it a two parter.

Obviously using birth control went right out the window for this girl and she knew right away that the love juices were reproducing. What is a girl to do? Oh yeah, ask strangers to flip the tab for a few boxes of Plan B pills.

Sadly, nobody has forked over the $106 she needs to take care of this little problem. And the clock is ticking!

Thank God she called Walmart to have it shipped. Wait, who calls Walmart? They have a call center? I can’t imagine that is quicker than ordering online.

So here is my question. Are there no other stores you can buy this from? Pharmacy, Target, anywhere? There is a CVS or Walgreens on every corner. And while you are in there pick up a box of condoms.

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