Walmart has new vest coming, its like camouflage for the employees

New York (CNN Business)Walmart employees’ vests are getting a bold makeover.The signature blue vests that Walmart employees have worn for years will be replaced with a modern gray look with a neon blue, green or pink trim. Walmart  last redesigned its uniforms in 2014.

I was completely unaware that the redesigned them 5 years ago. A blue vest is a blue vest, right?

Yeah, this guy isn’t going to easily blend in with a crowd, half of mens wear or even the shoe department. You think you have a hard time finding an employee to help now?

The new vests will be made from recycled bottles and have bigger pockets than previous vests.

Got to have bigger pockets, have you seen the new Iphone? Or maybe a sandwich or snack for you know, when hiding out in mens wear.

The vests are “neutral steel gray,” and most associates will wear bright blue trim. Associates at Walmart’s smaller Neighborhood Market stores will wear green trim. Self-checkout hosts at Walmart Supercenters will wear yellow with gray trim. And in the future, Walmart says employees will be able to choose other colors, including pink.

Kind of feel sorry for the self checkout people, since they are the only ones anybody will find. On the flip side, they can just stand their ground and say they can’t leave their post to help you.

Drew will totally be hiding out with the sweatpants and sweatshirts.

“Our new vests have a modernized style that takes advantage of trim detail and screen printing to introduce color in an eye-catching way,” Walmart said in a release.The company said the neon color will help customers more easily spot Walmart associates.

You mean the barely viable neon that can easily be mistake for someone who wants to look like they could break out in an aerobics class any second?

Each vest is stitched with a “proud Walmart associate” on the front and a newly colorful “spark” logo on the back.

If anyone runs into one of the these “proud ” employees that takes pride in their job, please let me know. I’m still looking.

The larger pockets will let associates “carry all the equipment they need to do their jobs on the sales floor.” Employees can purchase the new vests for $11 beginning later this year.

Hey Walmart, I think you have enough money, throw these employees a bone and give them the first vest free. The let them pay if they want a second one or different colors.

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