Today’s Flat brimmed Lottery Winner

i actually don’t even care about how much he won or what his names is. it doesn’t matter, most likely he will be a broke ass nobody in three years.

That hat, seriously? Out of anything you could have worn you had to show off your favorite sporytball team. This just lets us know that a well respected, professional member of they community you are not.

And what is up with the brim? Did you accidentally start to bend it and then said ” whoa, what the fuck and I doing?” Did one of your crotch fruits do that during their visitation? Or, I know, it is that police brutality thing I have been hearing so much about. Cops are going around bending flat brim hats.

They got these in all the cruisers now. Instead of weapons they just threaten to bend the brim, has a proven record of 90% compliance when deployed.

The good thing, will all that money you won’t have to worry about having a bent brim for a long time.


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