She lost everything and everyone, except her new puppy !!

When it rains it pours. Alexis lost everything. Her home, job, even her friends won’t want anything to do with this broke loser. Just look at her.

Is that not the facing of struggling in the USA? She can’t eat, pay bills and maybe forced back into living in her car because nobody will help. And I’m serious, look at her friends list.

Nobody !!!! Sure probably 2,300 off them are just guys she has never meet of imagining she is that dirty sock they covered in baby batter, but that isn’t the point here.

I’m sure you are all crying and getting ready to send out cash. But wait, it gets worse, much worse.

She just got a free sick dog from someone on Facebook? This is horrible, now her and the dog have no place to live or eat. They are just sleeping in the car with fleas and ticks everywhere. So sad. Time for another fundraiser.

Sure she said $2,000, but better go for $3,00 to cover gas to the vets office. Only $235 in 6 days, poor Wolf ain’t going to make it on that people !!

if you think you would like to help Alexis and her dog, please ask a trusted friend or family member to take away access to your bank account.

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