How does this Adult thing work?

Well, it is about time someone asked. Sadly, most of the people we come across won’t read it. Maybe we need to make a YouTube video out of it?

I think the best part of this post was simply the comments.

Not being to picky Chris, just the usual things, get a job, be responsible and maybe even move out of your parents house before you turn 30.

That works too.

As a responsible adult, could you please move it to the recycling bin?

That only works if you can provide evidence, I learned that in the 3rd grade.

I see someone has never been to Fall River.

The future of America thinks Twitter is a guide to life.

Not classes sir, Instragram and YouTube instructional videos.

The best and most accurate comment goes to Brandon.

Nail it !!!

Well, good luck Randy. Assuming that you didn’t write this post from your free Obama phone while sitting in a government paid for apartment begging for handouts because you are broke, unemployed and don’t understand how people possible get up before noon, you are doing just fine.

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