Trash day in Chicopee

Lets face it, being the trash collector isn’t the most glorious job. Nobody is going to ask you about it at parties. Kids don’t say they want to be the trash man when they grow up. But it has to be done. And if you have a chance to make it fun, take it.

Dan was trying to point out the humor in the stack the trash guys made. I don’t think his intent was to rip on them in anyway, but of course it got misunderstood due to a poor wording choice.

Calm down Christine, it is not a complaint.

I missed the part about accusing the neighborhood teens. Let me reassure you of one thing Jungston, nobody gives a shit about your sex life. And if you feel the need to brag about it in a community form, then you probably are over exaggerating it.

I agree, it started off wrong and he corrected it along the way. Once again, I don’t believe it was meant in ill will just worded wrong.

Dan, I’m trying to help you out here, but stop telling everyone to go get laid. Your not helping. And no, sarcasm doesn’t always work when typed out, trust me, I know.

Everything you wrote Lisa is more confusing than the original post.

Smh, I give up. Did anyone have anything else to say?

They probably just don’t like you, accept it.

Just put in a request with the DPW for a trash can pyramid.

We can agree it is funny.

They are upside down Kristel, obviously they are empty.

Go ahead kids, knock them down. The trash man will be back next week to rebuild it again !

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