If you want something done right, assault a pregnant women and do it yourself.

NORWICH – Police say a Norwich woman unhappy about her McChicken sandwich served at the Norwichtown McDonald’s attacked the restaurant’s pregnant manager.

Shannelle Hanson, 21, was at the McDonald’s at 78 Town St. at about 8:20 p.m. on Friday, according to Norwich police.

“She became irate with McDonald’s staff due to her displeasure with her McChicken sandwich,” police said.

Police said Hanson then forced her way behind the counter in order to make her own, and assaulted the manager in the process.

Police charged Hanson with breach of peace and third-degree assault of a pregnant woman. She is scheduled to be arraigned June 13 in Norwich Superior Court.

Really? You were aware of the fact that you were at McDonalds right? I don’t know if anyone told you Shannelle, but are are getting a gourmet meal there.

So what was the problem, not enough mayo, too much lettuce? You have to let us know , we wouldn’t want an unhappy customer.

Then you took your self entitled ass behind the counter to do it yourself, Sorry, this isn’t Burger King, you don’t get to have it your way. Don’t let the pregnant women get in your way, just give her a shove. What are they gonna do about it, call the cops or something?

I have one one question. Did you at all realize all the shame you would bring on yourself over a stupid chicken sandwich ? The internet doesn’t forget.

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