More Ideas for Library Store Time

Just my two cents seeing that its been blogged on the Mothership page.

FALL RIVER — Hundreds of supporters and families with children turned out to the first-ever Drag Queen Storytime at the Fall River Public Library on Saturday morning, an event to kick off June as Pride Month in the LGBTQX community.

I’m a big “Don’t Tread on Me” guy and that goes both ways.  Can’t demand the government let you live in piece while demanding others go back in the closet or put down the eyeliner and size 14 pumps.

That being said, these events draw the virtue signaling SJW- look at me Suburbanites like nothing else.  All while using their kids as pawns.  I scrolled through the comments and there was a lot of this:


So for those scoring at home, this is a wonderful event as long as the children are enthralled by the book.

In that case I would propose that the oh so tolerant left deal with other versions of story time.

  1.  Card Carrying NRA member story time
  2. Pro Life Story Time
  3. An Appreciation of Western Civilization Story time
  4. An afternoon with Ben Shapiro and Candace Owens
  5. Story Readers for Trump story hour.

I challenge anyone to call up the Fall River Public Library and say you want to read kids book this:

Image result for My Parents Open Carry, by Brian Jeffs and Nathan Nephew


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