Connie still ain’t got a gun

Remember Connie, who had to pawn her dad pistol to pay the bills? You can revisit Connie in all here dog filter glory by reading here.

Well, the gun is still in pawn and she really needs it back because strange men are trying to kill her now.

This is almost worthy of a play by play. I can’t find Connie’s boyfriend, so he could be a tow truck trucker, no clue.

The boyfriend leaves and sees and man just staring at their house at 1230 at night and his truck standing next to trash cans. Standing truck?

Yeah this guy was sooo waiting for him to leave so he could knock on the door? Is that how it works?

Knock knock” ” whos there” ” violent rapist” ” violent rapist who” ” violent rapist planning to kill you since your gun is at at the pawn shop”. And that is how it works.

Thankfully Connies man called and warned her. Then he called the city. Not the police, because when you have a strange truck standing next to your trash can, you call the Sanitation Department.

So Connie really needs her gin back to defend herself. Because it os the only thing that will make her safe.

Connie, you are getting ridiculous. Nobody is going to give you money to get a gun. Its not happening. Stop trying.

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