The Facts of Life, I’m broke and need your money!

Just so I understand, you had 9 months to get ready for this and haven’t done a damn thing? Not one baby gift or anything from the baby daddy or anyone? I am totally calling bullshit on that one.

I’m also having a hard time believing that every doctor and ultra sound lead you to believe the wrong gender of your baby. Seems kind of impossible.

Meet Tootie.

Times got a little tough since living with Mrs Garrett. I mean, really, who names there kid Tootie? If for any strange reason you don’t understand that joke, google Fact of Life TV show.

Meet the real Tootie.

The TV Tootie was cuter. The dog filter, shocker. Hang on it is about to get good.

This is her third post to this group in a month. We will get to the other two in a bit and the interesting twist. For a brief second, it seemed like the group was sniffing a con.

You are on the trail Cindy. The hospital or local first responders will help. They will get a car seat, even if they pay for it our of there own pockets. That is how awesome they are. But yet, according to Tootie, no funds, everyone is broke.

You were so close Frances ! You had it and you backed off. Dont be scared and don’t take any shit from this fraud .

No, you almost did it, but not quite.

This is kind of exciting. Its like they are figuring it out.

Yeah yeah, hospitals broke , everyone in Alabama is broke, we know. But Summer, please tell us about the special events.

Nevermind, I don’t want you to hurt your brain.

Then one person had a bright idea to get a price and raised the money.

Did she really buy one? I doubt it. But we are far from done.

The caps lock turns on and off as it pleases? Better call Obama and get a new Iphone. We have all heard the ” I help everyone and now I need help” story before, that isn’t new. I think the only believable thing about that is the getting out of prison in September part.

Which, do some math. If she got out in September, either she got knocked up as soon as she got released, got slammed while in the slammer, or, there is no baby. You decide.


Well, she got blessed with a place to live. But it is condemned or something, so back to the old money grab page for cash to remodel.

These nice church ladies must have thrown one hell of an after church party.

Nothing $100 can’t fix. Its hard to be a struggling mom with no job these days.

Oh, a manager at a restaurant? Something tells me she doesn’t keep quite when she gets a bad tip.

The funny part is, the group she is hitting up for money won’t know she has a job. She is using two Facebook pages.

She uses the first one for the group which is locked down and blank. The second one is more active, full of a bunch of crap, but no way the postings of someone struggling in life.

I got a feeling we will see Tootie again.

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