Deformation in the 413

Smh, here comes the internet lawyers over an online dispute.

The complainant is Nollie Windisch who claims that she hired the defendant and he failed to finish the job before blocking her on Facebook.

The defendant Brian Clark claims it was more work than she said, and the job was under bid and required more time and money to complete.

Actually, I don’t give a shit what happened. Nor do I care about the cheerleaders in the comments. You want Facebook court send Zuckerberg a message

What got me was Brian opted to also post this.

Holy shit are you kidding? No Brian, what she did is write her opinion on the services she received from your business. It may or may not be accurate but that is protected by the first amendment and you cannot threaten someone with a lawsuit over it. Its part of doing business, not everyone will say something nice.

Had she said ” Brian is a crackhead junkie who will steal everything from you to buy drugs, never hire him” you may have a case. But that isn’t what happened.

So please, before you start threatening with with defamation, make sure you have it right.

PS If you are hoping to make a complaint about this blog, guess again. You posted this information on a public platform accessible to anyone with the internet. That gives me the right to take screenshots and voice my opinion on the whole thing. Go ahead and google it, I’ll wait.

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