This is my pistol and this is my gun, this one is for sex and this one is for fun !

Between the looks of this guy and that fact that this story comes out of Florida, you just know it can’t be good.

VALRICO, FL — A Valrico man has been charged with manslaughter after Hillsborough County Sheriff’s deputies say he was using a handgun during sexual foreplay and killed his sex partner.

There is gun safety at its best. Who in there right mind thinks that adding a loaded gun into sex is a good idea? Well, besides this stupid moron.

According to the sheriff’s office, around 12:30 p.m. on May 26, Andrew Charles Shinault, 24, of the 1000 block of Grand Canyon Drive off Mulrennan Road in Valrico was “engaging in an act of foreplay involving his registered gun” at his home when he shot his partner, a woman who is also in her 20s.

The woman hasn’t been named yet, which is ok. Its is bad enough she got killed but doesn’t need the embarrassment of everyone knowing the last thing she did on the Earth was rolling wanting to swap love juices with Captain Blowmyload.

In his defense, she did say ” shoot it all over me” he just wasn’t sure what she meant by that. he guessed wrong.

The woman was shot in the upper body. She was transported to Brandon Regional Hospital where she later died.

On Friday, the sheriff’s office charged Shinault with manslaughter with a weapon. He was booked into the Orient Road Jail on a $50,000 bond.

Good thing he still lives at home with mommy and daddy, who most likely bailed him out. I wonder if still will attended the funeral?

I don’t know if there is something in the water down in Florida, but let this serve as a PSA to the women down there. If your man likes to play with guns likes it is a vasolined up dildo, put your clothes back on and leave as fast as possible.

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