Just what we need, a message board in our cars

Yup, meet Roadwayve, the communication device of the FUTURE !!!!! Stick the device in the back window of your car and pass messages to other drivers via an app.

Messages are generated through a Bluetooth-enabled app you can download on your phone or a remote control called the “Wayvemote” which is pre-programmed with six messages with a touch of a button. You can attach the remote anywhere in your car with a magnetic mount. 

You can say things like :

Thank you
I’m sorry
Let me merge
Go around me
Turn off high beams

I couldn’t find anywhere where it may let you add what your really want to say, like :

  • fuck you
  • asshole
  • dick head
  • bitch
  • mother fucker
  • f’ing c&nt ( I’m just not taking the heat for typing that one)
  • I aint drunk
  • hit me
  • stop honking, I’m on the phone !

too many to list.

For $99 through kickstater you can order this thing. Or, save $99 and just use your hand, because lets face it, hand signals still work to pass a message to other cars.

Thank you
That wasn’t very nice
I’m stoned and need you to go get the cop over there
Drive safety

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