I-70 part 3: No GPS Required, we trust you

So by now everyone may have figured out I am obsessed with this case. It started with the GoFundMe a few weeks back. Last week I posted and update from Big Trucker B.

Well guess what happened on Friday.

Source Transportationnation.com

Rogel Lazaro Aguilera-Mederos was flanked by his wife Nailan Gonzalez and his attorney, Robert Corry, as he entered the Jefferson County courtroom to argue he was not a flight risk as prosecutors contend.

Sure, he is in his early 20’s, the wife aint that bad looking and they have a kid. You think he is hanging around to do prison time in Colorado well she is in Texas going to poundtown and the kid asks ” is that my new daddy?”.

“There’s absolutely zero risk of flight in this circumstance,” Corry said.

Should we add in wink wink?

Corry lashed out calling an ankle monitor a “useless cosmetic shackle” and saying such a measure would be “humiliating” to Mederos.

For real? Are you shitting me? The last thing we want is this guy embarrassed. Four people are dead because of you. That is a scar their family’s carry for life. Six people seriously injured. Scared for life. But please, tell me all about how an ankle braclet doesn’t match your Jordans and it will humiliate you.

Further, Corry said Mederos has had plenty of time to flee and hasn’t.

“If he was going to flee he would have fled in the last 11 days he’s been out on bond,” he asserted.

Nah bro, too soon. You have to plan this shit out and go when nobody is looking.

In the motion prosecutors alleged: “The People’s investigation has revealed that the Defendant attempted to flee the scene of the collision, this was previously unknown at the time of the original bond setting.”

In the hearing on Friday, prosecutors offered evidence for the first time of its allegation Mederos attempted to flee.

The District Attorney contended witnesses from the crash scene told investigators they observed Mederos attempting to make an escape.

Of course he was. He certainly wasn’t going to look for ambulances. He knew he had time to get the hell out of there before the cops knew who to look for. Mission failed.

Judge Zenisek was not convinced and denied the prosecution’s motion.

Oh good, one of those Judges. Meet Judge Christopher Zenizek. An ” I trust you” judge.

You’d fit in here in Massachusetts. The judges here trust everyone who wears a tie for court appearances.

He pointed to the facts that Mederos has already made numerous court appearances and has no criminal history as compelling reasons not to require tracking.

He had no choice but to show up. He has only been free for a week. When you are in custody it isn’t optional.

According to Corry, Mederos has already surrendered his Cuban passport and has no intention of violating the court’s order to remain in Colorado.

Wink wink.

However, Corry did say they are considering a motion to allow Mederos to return to Texas, but he indicated there is still much work to be done in preparing their defense.

Next stop Mexico!!!!

Mederos is due back in court on July 11 for a preliminary hearing where a judge will decide if enough evidence exists to warrant the mountain of charges against him

So here is my opinion. As long as he is free, he will hang around. I think if there is a chance he is getting locked up again and he knows it, he is gone. We know they made a shit ton of money off GoFundMe and other fundraisers. I heard over 120k. I’m sure there is more we don’t know about.

Any thoughts that there is NOT an eacape plan is a joke. There is no reason for him to stay and serve his punishment.

I’m going to keep an eye on this story and write everytime the is an update. I personality feel we are watching the justice system fail us in slow motion. I hope I am wrong, but I just have a feeling.


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