What i’m about to blog is controversial…

Old Blogging trick for those in the game.  You announce that what follows is controversial, edgy, triggering.  That it might cause a blogger to lose readers.  Yet, the blogger takes that risk because what is said needs to be said.  It takes bravery to to step on that ledge and take the leap.  So here goes.  From today’s Boston tabloid, the one not owned by the Sportball team:

Massachusetts schools installing detectors to address growing vape problem

“A growing number of schools across the state and the nation are installing pricey vape detectors in bathrooms as communities scramble to curb youth vaping.
“I’ve taken every phone call and I’ve talked to a lot of people because every school in this country is struggling with this epidemic,” Georgetown Middle-High School Principal Dan Richards told the Herald. “It happened so fast that it literally just rolled us all over as administrators, and we’re trying to catch up.”
This is an easy solution that would have an end to his epidemic by Monday morning.  No one is “addicted” to vaping, the youngins just think its cool.  So how does it end?
The Commonwealth needs to unveil the following four-word marketing campaign
“Vaping is Kinda Gay”
Enlist celebs, do guerrilla marketing.  If 13-18 year olds are bombarded with that message,  underage vaping goes the way of Joe Camel and the Winston Cup.
Now I’m not saying “gay” in the same vindictive way Jerry Fallwell or Mike Pence would. It more in that “grew up in the 80s social steering type way.”
Walked out of your house wearing Parachute Pants three years after Breakin’ 2 came out…Gay.
Still enjoyed listening to Michael Jackson in 1987? Your friends made sure real quick you knew that was gay.
Rollerblading?  the “sport” never recovered.
All I’m saying is that kids are dumb and impressionable.  Give them the impression that THESE PEOPLE VAPE and the Vape will go that way of pairing pegged Girbaud Jeans and Gazelles.  So gay.  Let’s go save some lives.

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