Coffee with that Iphone?

What a shame. Since they both locked their pages and this post was deleted before I got to see the comments, we are going to wing it.

The post says 1 hour ago it was posted. It showed up on my feed shortly after 8am. Which means this crime happened, the cops came, took a report, pull video, got a detective down there and this kid called his sister who posted this on Facebook in a very short time. Impressive.

We have all learned that when crimes are reported in real time on Facebook there is a good chance it never happened. But no doubt someone did steal all the periods from her paragraph.

Thankfully nobody took her filters.

As for the crime itself. 6 am at an unnamed gas station? Seems like an odd time and place to conduct the sale of an Iphone. But I guess he doesn’t wont to be late for class at Putnam High, because finals are coming up you know.

If anyone has the chance of making class valedictorian is would be Dre Fazo.


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