Sex on the beach

According to a Marco Island Police report, a caller reported the couple to police, and a responding officer found two people laying down in front of the beach access.

The officer said the couple, later identified as 18-year-old Nichole Garbinski of Marco Island and 24-year-old Tyler Qualls of Naples, were engaged in oral sex and heard Qualls state “that feels so good.” Garbinski had both her breasts exposed.

What? There is no way she had her boobs hanging out while giving him a blow job. They are good kids who wouldn’t do that! Just look at them.

Umm, ok, nevermind.

The officer ordered Garbinski to stop, but she did not until Qualls got her to stop.

So he blew his load and was good. Figured he was getting busted by the cops, so why not finish busting his nut.

After they dressed, Qualls was arrested for Exposure of Sexual Organs and placed in a squad car.

Garbinski was initially only going to be given a Notice To Appear, due to having no prior record. But the officer says she threw it in the bushes as she left and ignored the officer’s order to pick it up. She was arrested and charged with Exposure of Sexual Organs and cited for Littering.

Well, congrats Nicole. You could have just taken the summons and probably would have just gotten a slap on the wrist.

Then you could have bailed your man out and tried to keep it quite. Instead you had to call a friend or family memeber and explain you got busted cleaning his sperm javlin and wiping up with your tits.

Of course I’m sure Tyler wasn’t well recieved by his fellow cell mates when he told them what he was in for. I wonder if he demonstrated it for anyone.

But hey, you two make a cute couple. I hope you enjoy your time together until Nicole finds another knob to suck on.

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