Dude, its free !

I don’t think I have ever tried any of these, but I guess Amanda doesn’t like them. No biggy, why waste it, I’m sure someone would like it.

My guess, they are left over from a party, but yeah Shawn, why are you complaining about a FREE item. Nobody is forcing you to take it. If she was selling it, you might have something. But whinning about a free item is just being childish.

True story. Back in 1995 my parents gave away at no cost an old car we had to my grandparents church. The church donated it to a family in need. It was a 1986 Chevy wagon with 180k on it, had hit everything but the lottery and survived two teenage drivers. It looked like crap but ran well.

The lucky family had the balls to send a letter demanding $1500 for the repairs the car needed ( actually it needed less than $500). They never got a dime, all they did receive was a letter back from my Uncles law firm reminding the of how cars sold for under $700 are as is and not to communicate with my parents anymore.

The morale of the story is don’t complain about free items.


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