Collectable nothing

One would think, if your going to sell a ” collectors item” for $225 you should included a description of the item or some proof of its value. But I guess the dog filter is all the evidence you need.

Totally trustworthy. But sadly, it turns out she maybe not have a rare find after all.

Well thats not good. Maybe she is selling 225 of them? Somehow, I think this wasn’t the only ratchet thing she has done.

Put me in a room with her and I wont be friendly, more like depressed about how my life got to the point I’m alone with her. I’m down with talking shit about her though.

You going away every weekend, err weakend. Don’t threaten me with a good time. This seems to be a trend with her. She has to go on Facebook and out people in their place about talking shit about her. Yet based on the lack of comments, I think it is all in her head.

I don’t think it is all customers at the Quickstop, just you. After all, even your own family doesn’t like you, why would the guy at the convenience store.

Hate trash people ehh? Irony. And can someone figure out what that other post even means.

Laundry for weed? How the hell do you barter that trade agreement?

Im not really sure if that is parenting advice or something, just I can put myself to bed thank you.

Attention Africa, we know you see her and want to come to the USA get be with that sweet ass, but stop. She doesn’t want to be on 90 day fiancee.

Thanks Vianca, my goal was to make people laugh while disrespecting you at the same time. Mission accomplished!


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