Dude, your name is right there !!!

Meet Markel Towner from Nebraska.

Looking good in the bathroom selfie. It turns out Markel is dumber than he looks.

Officers in Nebraska were looking for a man wanted on two warrants and noticed a person who looked like the suspect. When they approached him, he told them his name was “Deangelo Towns,” but one of the officers quickly realized he was lying.

“Towns” was wearing a lanyard which had his real name, Markel Towner, on it. As the officers tried to take him into custody, Towner attempted to resist arrest. His family and friends surrounded the officers and attempted to prevent him from being arrested. After several minutes, the deputies were able to get Towner on the ground and placed him in handcuffs.

He was taken to jail and charged with resisting arrest, obstructing a government operation, false reporting, child neglect, and third-degree domestic assault.

Seriously? If you are going to lie to the cops about your name, it is always best to make sure you don’t have anything with your name on it. Then you and your friends get the bright idea to fight with the cops. That seemed to have worked in your favor.

Next time, just try this.

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