Silly money

There is nothing that makes me want to go to King Richards faire less than the cleavage dresses. Omfg. Nevermind that this nut paid $450.00 to play dress up and Ritas got no titties. Ad should read , “Worn once and didn’t have the boobies to fill it out” selling cheap , not going back.

Most maidens there do not look like that. They look like this.

And this

And this. Does it make you want to bring the kids to see the tigers and end up with a titties plop ploppin all around the faire show.

Or how about a Tiffany’s child’s plate and cup. Fucking Tiffany’s for a snot nose , breaking shit machine. Nah.

I would ask the gift giver for cash next time.

Then there’s the shit I would need more than a costume or a Tiffany plate. A knob needing washer!

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