Connie, get my gun!

I’m sure everyone has a family heirloom that may not be valuable, but is priceless to them. Connie has her dads gun. And she pawned it.

Dog filter so you know it only gets better from here. We can’t see on the pawn slip if it is her or what she pawned, but we do see it cost 264 % interest. Yikes!!

Connie claims she asked for gas money a fee days ago. I wasn’t able to find that, but I did find her selling rhe car.

She also is no stranger to asking for a few bucks.

No phone means no asking for cash on Facebook.

And of course some snacks for the new job, which I guess doesn’t pay much. A month into it and she still needs gas money and $60 to get her gun out of pawn.

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