I don’t think this was all that thought out.

If you don’t have gas money, what will he pay it forward with? skittles he found in his pocket? belly-button lint? His ROTJ dvd?

No photo description available.

Hey man, thanks for offering to sell this, Lord knows I can never find it playing on TBS every Saturday morning right between the Rocky and Lord of the Rings Marathons.

It begins and ends with that hat.  It’s a Dr. Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde situation does he want to be a ratchet or does he want to be a red-neck? One does not simply don a Bulls sportball cap AND IMMEDIATELY bend the bill.

You’re either “stacks of money phone guy” or your “take a pic of this bass I caught-guy”.  You can’t be both.

I have seen this business plan before.  His thought out pitch involves giving him money to drive…somewhere where there is a city with a neurologist…??…profits.

Phase two of financing will fund his drive back home, I’m guessing.  But hold off the mocking because:

His “awesome friends” will hunt you down, but wait – that wont happen because, one word salad later it’s clear everyone has abandoned him.

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