Birth control club

There is a club or subscription for everything. The pill club. Lol. The chocolate and there plan B are a great touch. Don’t forget the fun stickers.

The packaging and the comments seem like it’s aimed at 12 yr olds. Everything is CUTE. Sorry I want effective not cute. But there are STICKERS!!

I’m not so sure Bekka needs anything other than a dental dam, but the chocolate is good.

The pink pencil is fantastic. The childish comments in a post about a birth control box just amaze me. The pill isn’t for stds?? Wtf.

Good to know my pills are made in India. How do we know what’s in the shit ? They likely want to kill us all. But Bekka is a great rep. but I don’t think FB is where sex Ed should take place.

I just can’t take you serious. However she does have some great vagina news so pay attention.

I just want to know what kind of chocolates they send. Everyone is more interested in that.


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