Nah, you are totally normal

Meet Juliana Cote of Tampa Florida.

So hot !! There is a clown you know will injure you. Speaking of injuring.

Yup, that got her charged with making written threats to committ a mass shooting or terrorism. That is the tip of the iceberg, this chic is tapped in the head.

Nah, you don’t need help. Your in Florida, you will blend right in.

What the hell is Mexican goth?

Yes, every girl should want to look like that.

Who doesn’t want to look like a Facebook background?

Looks just like the one my preschooler made.

You are so scary they are taking dolls away from you.

Oh good, she got a new doll to be besties with.

This literally goes on and on. So go get your strongest choice of boozes and take a stroll through her Facebook


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