Ticks in a Happy Ending

Ok, Valerie, take a deep breath and relax. You went to Friendlys to eat your step childs friend and while having ice cream you were attacked by ticks. Do I have ot so far?

Naturally, you blame the restuarant for being infested. Because there is no chance they were already on you and you brought them into the restaurant. Just curious, did anyone else complain? Didn’t think so.

I think Friendlys is going down hill too. But I wouldn’t stage a fake tick attack to get a free Jim Dandy sundae.

Lets see what the good people of Plymouth had to say.

That is pretty much what everyone thought. It turns out the ticks are everywhere.

Nature is taking over !! I blame the new Chic-fil-a. They are sabotaging the competition by paying ticks to go after inncocent people.

It turns out we had it all wrong.

The ticks ran for office and won!!! They were just there to celebrate, meet people from town and listen to their concerns. Case solved, enjoy your ice cream.

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